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Rescued With Love

I started making my dog collars when I brought home my dog, Lakoda. He was the first pet I had ever had that was all mine! I'm responsible for his vet bills, for his food choices, for everything, and the task was a daunting one. He was a year old and had already suffered much abuse and neglect in his short life. He was nervous, and fearful, and had no training at all... but I was in love the moment I saw him.

While out on for his very first walk, using the belt-style buckle collar we got when we rescued him, he yanked hard and managed to break the collar... I nearly lost him that day and promised myself I'd never let it happen again. I went to the pet store and browsed the collection there, but found I only liked a few designs, and knew I'd love to have a wider selection. I also examined the stitching and my mind started worrying about it coming undone, or pretty much anything happening that might make me lose my new best friend.

I decided then and there not to buy a pre-made collar, and went to a craft store instead. It took me 5 hours to make my first collar for him, and I was terrified the whole time, but it fit perfectly and it was so strong.

I enrolled myself in Animal Training, Animal Care, Pet Boarding, Dog Grooming, Animal Psychology, and Pet Nutrition and Care in addition to the 3 years of Equine Science I had already taken, and my work in Junior High and High School with the Guide Dogs for The Blind. These classes helped show me the exact type of products I should be making. Animal Training and the Animal and Pet Care classes showed me the types of collars and leashes that were necessary, as well as different options for ID tags, and also gave me a good estimate on what sizes and weights different breeds had, so I could better able myself to make very strong, very sturdy collars and leashes that would withstand a dog who pulls or is still in training. My dogs are still leash reactive, so I wanted to make products that would put up with their combined weight and energy if they got excited and went after a rabbit or a coyote.

I learned to make Martingale style collars for Greyhounds and other dogs who easily skip out of their collars, as well as who need a training collar to remind them not to pull or give a quick correction painlessly.

I learned to make super luxurious pet shampoo that not only moisturize the dogs skin, but the owners hands as they wash them!

I dedicate myself to making strong, safe, affordable pet products. While my collar designs are not scratch resistant, since no ribbon collar or patterned/designed collar can be, I do have options to help protect them, such as adding a scratch-resistant coating, as I know the frustration of having a dog ruin something you just bought for them. Regardless, even if the design is damaged, the collar ITSELF will hold up to normal wear and care just splendidly! I've been fortunate to have many customers give me feedback even a year after purchasing and have heard how well the collars are holding up!

I'm still always seeking to improve, but I am so thankful and blessed to be able to offer such a high quality product!

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