Gallery - Crescent Canines

Customer Gallery

We love our customers, and the photos they send us!

Jenaiha Maasch got a pure white head halter for her gorgeous white pup and says it is "Literally the only head collar she doesn't try to rub off! it's comfy!"

Jessica Trufant purchased our Beetlejuice themed collar for he adorable little dog

Melissa Gregory's pup wearing their fairy themed collar

Here's Nala! In her Nala themed custom collar! Photo by Tawnie Rashelle Edwards

Valarie Frias's dog Evee in her Eevee Evolutions collar!

Stitch, owned by Tawnie Rashelle Edwards, has been waiting for his big break in modeling!

Here we have Max (owned by Rachel Korthals), looking super handsome and sophisticated in his brand new collar!

Amanda Shinga Bussell's kitty, Shayera! She custom ordered a a custom Hawk Girl / Shayera collar for her.

Shell DeFilippis's dog, Tank, showing off their new Halloween collar.

Melissa Gregory‎'s dog, Luna, enjoying her Monster High collar from us :)

Anna Tarango‎'s pup and their new Harry Potter themed collar.

Banner, Superhero Service Dog was a guest at our table during Phoenix ComiCon 2017

Daisy in her lovely purple stars and moons collar she got from us.

Kiba the Cosplay Corgi showing off his new demon eyes collar!

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