We've all been there; you spend your hard earned money and get your dog a high quality item. It is strong, attractive, and built to last, you just love it! Your canine companion, however, destroys it in a matter of seconds. I know that feeling well.

Ash and Lakoda, destroyer of dog toys

My two boys, Ashriel and Lakoda, do not care if the new chews I got them promised to be long lasting, they'll wolf them down in ten minutes. Their new toy that was $60 and promised to be chew proof? It lasted an hour. Dogs don't know and don't care about how much an item costs, so it's up to us! 

We only use the best equipment when making our collars, and have customers who have used them for three years without any issue. They're built tough to last for years, even against dogs that pull, but the designs to make them look pretty re ribbon, fabric, and these can be damaged or get dirty even while the collar itself holds strong. Thus, I've studied, asked other creators and customers, and compiled a list of ways to keep your collar, and your pet looking their best.

Walking Collars

One of the most effective methods of keeping your collar looking great is to treat it like an attachment for your leash, and only use them together. These collars are tough, perfect for walks, training classes, and any time a leash is used, no worry there, but putting the collar on when a leash is used will protect the collar as well as your dog's fur, if your dog has medium to long hair. Dogs who wear their collars constantly, --especially if it is a good fit-- will have their fur constaly pressed down which can, over time, cause hairloss. Giving your dog time to 'breathe' by using their collars sparingly can be helpful. 

Keep It Clean

Pick up a garmet washing bag, bra or hat saver, or even a thick sock and use it as a wash sack for your collar, then toss it in with your laundry on the gentle cycle and with a color safe detergent. You can also hand wash it in a vinegar/baking soda solution. Be sure to rinse well and hang the collar up to dry before putting it back on your pet.

No Rough Play

I know my two boys sometimes play a bit rough, and while I discourage it, it does still happen. When they get playful I tend to remove their collars so that they are able to play without be worrying about the collar being damaged, or getting caught on anything. This is done because I know my two dogs and I know when their play gets too rough, a well as how to stop it without having to grab them as I've been shown by a few trainers.

The most obvious solution was one I have been trying for over three years to create and finally have, and that is the Scratch Resistant coating. We have three different types. The Basic, and the Advanced are the important ones, however, as they are the ones given as options for every custom order.

scratch resistant coating on a customers order.

This is a picture of our Basic coating.  It's a thin strip of plastic that lets the design be seen, but still add some protection. It is, however, only added to the front, allowing the collar more breathability and comfort. The Advanced version is thicker, being double layered to make sure that even if one layer is damaged, the second should be fine.

Both of these options can be added to any order, even custom orders with custom printing, and large, bulk orders. 

 The third version is a very thin coating we add primarily to the pre-made designs as it allows people to have a limited amount of scratch resistance without it forcing us to increase the price if we suspect we'll sell plenty to make up for the cost.